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iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment

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Why Choose iCobus For Your Telecoms & Data Cabling Recruitment

Why use iCobus we hear you ask? Well we’re about to tell you why.

iCobus is built on core values such as integrity, honesty, reliability and trust. Here at iCobus we have invested heavily in technology allowing us to run a completely paperless office. Using online technology means we can keep track of progress with all our business functions. This means we greatly reduce the chance for errors to occur and allows our clients to have complete peace of mind and trust in our recruitment services. We have developed a dynamic and extensive job posting process to allow more candidates to find your Structured Data Cabling Jobs through targeted telecoms and structured data cabling job boards, networking sites & our highly regarded company name meaning our candidates and clients will get the best possible results.

Why we’re different from other Telecoms & Data Cabling Recruitment agencies

  • Online Systems – Allowing for quick and easy processes.
  • Extensive Networking – We use data cabling job boards, networking and social media to source candidates.
  • 20yrs Experience – Our employees have previous experience working on site before joining iCobus.
  • Error Free Invoicing – We understand that efficiency money management is extremely important for businesses

 How We Help Our Clients?

We specialise in finding the data cabling engineers for your telecommunications and data cabling jobs. We do this by understanding our contractors on a more personal level, knowing where their strengths lie. Here at iCobus we pride ourselves on providing the very best data cabling candidates to help meet your business needs. How? Because we have extensive industry experience ourselves, having worked on a whole range of telecom and data cabling projects. Which has helped us build a network of thousands of telecoms and data cabling engineers across the UK, ready to work with us on your data cabling jobs.This allows us to understand on which type of data cabling jobs ours engineers perform best. The team at iCobus has more than 20 years hands on experience within the structured data cabling industry having started their careers as data cabling engineers and progressing through to project management and operations management of such projects, before focussing on the provision of quality staff to the wider industry. We only keep the best ICT, telecoms & data cabling engineers on our system and will only place contractors on site if they are fully qualified and experienced to fulfill each of your unique requirements.

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What We Do For Data Cabling Engineers?

When you’re ready to make your next career move, it’s reassuring to know you can find the best Telecoms & Data Cabling Jobs Here. That there is a place where you can talk to people who have worked as data cabling engineers themselves, and are there as much to offer honest help and advice, as they are to find your ideal next cabling job. That place is iCobus. Working with us and our online systems allows us to provide quick placements because all your details and compliance forms will be available to hand. We pride ourselves on providing a clear and precise services to engineers who work for us. We are continuosly working on making our processes as easy and hassle-free as possible meaning you can concentrate on the job at hand rather than paperwork. Through our online timesheet portal, you will be able to submit your hours directly to us and our clients meaning error-free submissions. Our working knowledge allows us to fully understand the skill set of our candidates to match the right personality and skills to each of our client’s unique requirements, resulting in an expert recruitment solution. You will also have faith that you will be paid on time and in full due to our online timesheets and our close relationship with our umbrella and payroll company… Liquid Friday.

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