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iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment  iCobus - ICT, Telecoms, Cabling Recruitment

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What Telecoms & Data Cabling Companies Need To Know

Here you can learn more about how we work and how you can register a new projects with us and arrange labour solutions.

Q: What types of work can you carry out for us?
A: Generally iCobus specialises in finding contractors for most types of ICT, Telecoms & Cabling jobs. This can be installing and testing servers in a data centre to setting up a new office ICT networks. We work with the very best engineers across the UK allow for us to prove a quick and efficient service.

Q: What environments can your contractors work in?
A: We have a large selection of contractors available to choose from. Our contractors range in ability and experience allowing us to place contractors who can work in schools & universities, data centres, government & infrastructure, airports, banks and commercial offices.

Q: How will you ensure that your engineers are suitable to work for us?
A: We start our evaluation process by ensuring our engineers have the required qualifications and experience, we will only nominate someone once we have scanned proof of the certification. We also request references from their previous five years work experience and proof of work. When we have used an engineer we keep a detailed account of previous projects the engineers have been on through iCobus and any previous notes, positive or negative will be flagged on our database.

Q: What is the best way we can discuss our requirements with you?
A: Although we run a paperless office and keep our processes online, we do prefer for clients to get in touch with us over the phone (0208 544 0944). This allows us to get a better understand about the project and the labour requirements.